Malnad Coffee

Somewhere over the Sahyadri chain, lies a petit region, Malenadu. Covering the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats within the Karnataka region of South India, this blend is what we value more highly to call classic south Indian filter coffee.

Malnad may well be a toasty concoction of specially selected washed Arabica, Natural Arabica and Natural Robusta beans. These beans are carefully roasted to present you a sweet, sugar and Glucose biscuit like flavour with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Brew it the way our friends down south mate, with a classic south Indian filter.

Malnad Breakfast Pathrode

Pathrode or patrode may be a really tasty snack or breakfast recipe prepared using rice and colocasia leaves. it is also familiar by name Patra Vadi or Patra vada. Firstly, the colocasia leaves are smeared with spicy tangy rice and coconut paste. Secondly, it’s rolled and take rounds so you will be able to see the layers of the stuffing. Further, it’s stacked upon each other so steam cooked. The steam cooked rolls are later relished in and of itself with a dollop of butter or dig slices and shallow fried in edible fat. This cuisine is that the foremost well liked everywhere Malnad region.

Malnad Special Appe Midi Uppinakayi

Malnad Special Appe Midi Uppinakayi Recipe is formed of Appe Midi is pulpy, immature oblong mango found mainly in malnad regions or Western Ghats and coastal regions of Karnataka, India. These are produced in bulk quantities and marketed in several regions of Malnad. they’re sweet, sour and pungent in flavor.